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What is the Internet of Things?

After social media, and e-commerce, the next upcoming thing of the internet is IoT (Internet of Things): connecting various devices with each other over the internet. These devices range from electronics to machines; CCTV cameras, sensors and even vehicles. It is expected that by 2022, there will be over 12 billion connected devices. Entire world will be connected to each other through devices. Connecting all of these devices will result in huge amount of data that will open up new business and revenue options. The world connected with devices over internet will have alike impact on consumers and the businesses. It will change how customers and companies will connect. The connection between a customer and the company will bee continous and would last till the customer continues to use the product/service.

IT buyers feel justified when they compare the cost of a Cloud Computing provider with a Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Provider. Cloud I/SaaS and CEMH, both are quite different and while both services a individual need quite effectively and efficiently; their cost shouldn’t be the decision maker. A simple example is when the cost of AWS is compared with that of a Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Provider.


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