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Make the right choice: Cloud vs Cloud Enabled Hosting

IT buyers feel justified when they compare the cost of a Cloud Computing provider with a Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Provider. Cloud I/SaaS and CEMH, both are quite different and while both services a individual need quite effectively and efficiently; their cost shouldn’t be the decision maker. A simple example is when the cost of AWS is compared with that of a Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Provider.

As stated by Gartner “Cloud compute is defined as a standardized, highly automated offerings, where compute resources, complemented by storage and networking capabilities, are owned by a service providers and are offered to the customer on demand. The resources are scalable and elastic in real time, and are billed at pay what you use model”. Leaders in this domain are companies with big names such as Azure and AWS.

When we compare the cost of Azure or AWS to a proposal that of a Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Provider, we merely are just comparing the cost of both to take a decision. Most IT professionals skip going through the actual proposal and understanding the services each of them has to offer.

CEMH providers are and will always be expensive because they offer a more comprehensive solution. They not only offer the IaaS component but also the services on top of the hardware along with the management and monitoring of those assets on a 24x7 basis. This is a great value add and hence they stand to be expensive

Today, many of the Cloud Providers provide more than just I/SaaS. I strongly recommend and encourage professionals to evaluate these solutions and understand the real return the investment is to give back.

You may ask yourself this set of questions to identify the correct solution for you and your organization.

Do you want to Outsource or ditch the in-house hardware business?

If the answer is to get out of procurement and supporting new hardware, then IaaS may be the right solution for you. But, instead, if you also want to eliminate the in-house support and management of the servers then a Cloud Enabled Managed Hosting service provider is a better choice.

Is your IT team skilled enough to develop and implement a solution by themselves or will they look for a turnkey solution?

If your answer is turnkey, then CEMH will be the right choice for you. If instead you prefer DIY (Do It Yourself) solution, then maybe IaaS or SaaS will be best suited for you.

I am on no way doubting Cloud solutions, but when the business is looking for more than just IaaS and SaaS with a turnkey solution, Cloud Enabled Managed Hosting might be a better option to choose.

We should not only look at the cost involved, but also what the proposal is offering and returns the investment might offer.


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